Friday, February 4, 2011

Time Goes By but the Memory Doesn't Fade...

Today I received a early birthday present in the mail.  I love getting packages so I was very excited to come home to find a package awaiting me at the door.  My Aunt bought me a diamond heart pendant to celebrate my "30th" birthday that is coming up.  It truly made my day.  She said "I know you already have a lot of diamonds, but when I turned 30 your Mom bought me a diamond and I wanted to do the same for you!!" I was elated and I told her how much it meant to me and that I didn't own many diamonds anymore. 

And this is where the title comes in.  Time goes by but the memory does not fade when someone takes your belongings and pawns them to feed their own addiction.  I was married to a drug addict.  I married a man who didn't even drink alcohol and divorced a full blown heroin addict.  To tell the entire story of his cycle of addiction would take months, but that has no place here.  Rather yet, the pain that he brought me is something I will always carry with me.

I cherished the jewelry that I owned.  I had a beautiful diamond pendant that my grandfather has given me.  A amethyst birthstone ring that my parents had purchased for me in lieu of a class ring. A marquise ring and a wedding band.  All pawned for a fix.  I know that material items should not weigh on our happiness but most jewelry has a story, a memory.  These are things I will not have the luxury to pass on to my children. So, my Aunt's gift entirely made my day.  I love the necklace.  I love the thought that I will get to pass it on to my daughter or grand-daughter and say, "My Aunt Sarah gave this to me for my 30th Birthday."

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