Monday, February 28, 2011

M.S. Education Monday - MS Walks popping up all around you!

M.S. Awareness brings all of those fighting this illness one step closer to a cure by fundraising for higher education and continued funding of research and medications.  As previously discussed in my post, "What does a cure cost?", I discussed how expensive clinical trials and medications can be.  Unfortunately, these costs will most likely never change.  However, raising money and awareness brings new exciting opportunities to the table for those who are fighting the disease or may know someone who is.  You may have noticed your friends sending you an invitie to join them on their "Walk MS" team this spring.  I personally have three other friends with the disease.  Most of the walks are coming up here in the next few weeks.  I strongly encourage you to take part in these events.  Even if fundraising is not your cup of tea, join your friend and show your support.  The motto of the National MS Foundation is "Join the Movement".... I think that fits so well.  I am so proud to currently have 15 friends to sign up to walk with me on April 9th.  I hope to continue my fundraising efforts as well to lend my hand in research to continue to improve the quality of my health as well as many others!!  Continue to read my blog to follow my journey.  To view my teams page please follow the link provided below!! Happy MS Monday!!

Click here to view my page:     Sarah's Walk MS Personal Page

Next week: MS Awareness Week March 14-20!! Exciting news and information coming soon! 
Slogan for this year: What does MS = to you?

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