Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring, Kids, Health & Fun!

I hope that everyone is enjoying Spring!! Here in Arkansas we decided to skip winter so it has been Spring-like for several months now.  I am just hoping this is not an indicator that we are going to have a miserable summer.

Many things are going very well for my little family right now.  The twins are wrapping up the 1st Grade and I am happy to report they both made the Honor Roll again this week.  If they could just quit talking back to their Momma all would be grand! We are also preparing to move to a new house down the street from my parents.  Although it has been a lot of hard work, we are all very excited about the move.

My health has also stabilized pretty well right now.  I had a severe "flare" a few days after Christmas that left me without vision for over a week.  However, they were able to clear up the blood and scar tissue to enable my vision to return.  We still do not have all of the answers as to "why" these bleeds occur, but one answer we do have is that it is associated with inflammation.  Ironically though, this flare occurred in my right eye.  The right eye has been quiet since my onset in Aug. 2010.  I guess it was feeling neglected and needed some attention!! So, I have had 2 surgeries to repair the damage from this "flare".  January 6 and April 16.  I have healed up fine though and am doing great!

Matt and I have been busy planning a summer trip.  My children have never been on what they consider a vacation before.  Whenever we have time away from school we usually visit my sister in KC or go to our Lake House.  But they want a car ride, hotel stay and the whole nine yards! So, I am excited to make that happen this summer.  I am pretty sure we are going to Branson to see some shows and play at Silver Dollar City.  I also think Horseback riding will be a must on the to-do list.  Kennedy is fascinated with horses these days. 

My last bit of business to report is that I have joined the Thirty-One team!! If you are not familiar with Thirty-One, it is amazing organizational products, purses, totes and thermal bags.  They make everything fun by adding the personal touch with embroidery or laser etching.  I have been a consultant for almost a month and it has been a lot of fun!  I decided to give this opportunity a try to help with some of my medical expenses and compensate for so many missed days of work & I will admit that I am already hooked!  If you would like to see the products, here is my link:

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather!!  I will be posting some of my flowers soon... they are almost all in bloom!!  Take care & love the life you live.


Luke & Kennedy enjoying the first boat ride of the year!