Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Heading to Memphis!!

I have an exciting week ahead of me!  My eye specialist at Baptist Eye Center has referred me to University of Tennessee Medical Center where I will see a uveitis specialist there.  As a recap for those of you that have followed my story.  I had surgery in February to remove my steroid injections and alleviate the high pressures in my left eye that had caused glaucoma.  This problem was a side effect of a reaction to steroid Kenelog injections.  I did well following the surgery for about 3 months.  May 12th I had a flare up similar to my presentation of the disease.  The inflammation had returned to the eye and optic nerve as well as the bleeding. However, no progression was evident on my MRI.  I began to take I.V. and oral steroids.  When I had almost completed my steroid taper at the end of June, I had another flare up.  This flare up resulted in complete vision loss (can only see lights and shadows) in my left eye, extreme inflammation and "goopy matter" (as my doctor calls it!! lol).  For one reason or another, this flare up has not responded to topical steroids (eye drops) or pills.  So, my doctors here in Little Rock have decided it is time for another opinion.  The concerns at this time are:

1.  I am not responding to Oral or Topical Steriods.
2.  If I have another flare up and it effects the right eye, I may be without vision in either eye again.
3.  My stomach needs time to heal from the high dose steroids.  

So, I am excited to have another person look at my case and hopefully gain some new insight and information.  Who know... maybe he will have seen a case just like mine and have a new solution!! So say a little prayer for me tomorrow for a great appointment and safe travels. I will post later this week to fill you in on my appointment!! Love the life you live..... Sarah :)