Thursday, February 3, 2011

In a Funk...

So, I know I missed MS Education Monday this week.  I guess you could just say that I was in a little bit of a funk.  I think sometimes when things are running smoothly we take that for granted.  Then, when something changes it becomes too difficult to handle all at once.  I was so glad to be back at work.  I finally felt like I was getting my groove back and then... BOOM!! Routine appointment turns into another referral to a different specialist, more tests, more appointments, more medicine and even another possible surgery! And, on top of everything else I have to have a root canal.  I say let's just sweep this week under the rug and forget it happened!!

But, on a good note I had a great conversation today with an old friend.  She and I had many good times together as teenagers. Now, the two of us can share stories of our battle with MS and the daily struggles that are difficult for others to understand.  Sometimes I think that is all any of us are really looking for... someone to listen and someone to understand. Another friend sent me an email today that really made me smile.  She said "I am not going to tell you anything uplifting, I know you don't want to hear it right now.  I just want you to know I am here to talk to if you need anything."  That email meant the world to me.

So I am not going to let this bad week consume me.  I am going to laugh with my children and enjoy the sweetness and innocence they bring to my life.  I am going to not focus on all the things that I did not get done this week, I will focus on the things that I did accomplish.  And if nothing else goes right, I will fall asleep soundly knowing that I by far have the cutest Valentine's Day decorations on my door at school. LOL :)


  1. Thinking of you Sarah. Have a great weekend with your kids! Ibet they are quite the pair to hang out with!

  2. Thanks Kelli!! You are right, they are quite the pair! We will most likely be playing in the snow... we rarely get any so we must enjoy it while it is here!