Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Blizzard 2011"

Ok... I know that many of my Kansas friends would not consider 8 inches of snow a Blizzard, but in Arkansas... it's a Blizzard!!  For starters, at the first sight of snow or sleet all schools and businesses close quickly.  Sometimes, they call school so quickly by the time we get home the sun is shining and the "weather" is already done.  Regardless, snow brings a lot of fun for the kids and the adults.  I am always glad to relive my childhood moments of sledding and snowman building with my children.  We love to play outside together.  However, there is one big problem.  Now that I am an adult I get soooo cold!! My feet, hands and face are always freezing and they act as if they don't even notice that it is 16 degrees outside with the wind blowing 10 mph.  Children are so resilient.  Another admission I must make is that sledding is now very scary for me.  I think a majority of the problem is I probably weigh 100 more pounds now than I did the last time I went sledding.  Extra weight equals extra speed.  I however discovered a solution... just bail off!!  One funny event of the day, I sled right into a neighbors trash dumpster and recycle bin.  I say I should receive at least 10 style points for that one!!  Hope you are all enjoying the snow and staying warm.  I know that I am looking forward to Saturday and its 60 degree weather! :)

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