Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Bowling Date"

Luke :)

Kennedy :)

So today I took the twins bowling.  This trip needed to be perfect to help my son forget about a let down that happened earlier in the day.  However, this trip to Professor Bowl was far from perfect.  To start out, we received a lane next to a Birthday Party.  Now I hate to be the fun hater about a party, but the kids were sitting all over our lane and we did not even have a place to put our shoes.  Then, we go to find a ball.  There were about 7 balls left in the whole place, all over 14 pounds.  So, I decided I will seek assistance from the counter guy.  I was so disappointed. I explain the ball situation (LOL) to the clerk and he responds, "Yep, there all gone." So I say, "So I guess we should just go home then?" and he fires back, "If that's what you want to do, but you already paid and we don't issue refunds." JERK!!! But I decided I would not allow this jerk to ruin my day, so the kids and I begin to granny bowl with out 14 pound ball.  All is going well and then I realize that Kennedy is walking weird.  I ask her if something is wrong with her shoes and she says she doesn't know but they feel funny.  I take a closer look at her shoes and realize the retard gave her two left shoes.  I have never been so happy in my life to march back up to the counter and point out the rude guys mistake.  He just laughs of course.  So, with two of the correct shoes we head back out to the lane and continue along with our game.  No additional problems happen from this point except for the fact that I lost to a 5 year old.  Congrats Kennedy, you kicked my butt!! 

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