Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recognition in Action

When we do a good deed for someone we usually receive a "thank you".  Saying thank you is an appropriate gesture for any act of kindness.  However, there are some people that give and give and give - and eventually the people they help see that "thank you" doesn't quite cut it.  Although I usually do not talk about church that often, I attend an awesome church in North Little Rock,  Arkansas.  We have awesome services, music and an amazing children's program.  The church set out years ago with a mission to build 100 churches.  Although they have far exceeded that goal, the missions have not ended.  I am amazed each week to see the giving in action through the congregation, community and the third world.  The current project we are working on is the construction of a church and school in Laos.  (Side note: it is currently against the law to be a Christian in Laos so this is a huge deal).  Anyways, Sunday was Family Christmas.  They recognized four members of the church that work hard to give to others despite their great personal needs and struggles.  The people included the leader of the Single Mother's Group who was showered with gifts, a cancer patient that ministers those with terminal illness, three teenagers transitioning into college this year, and a couple who works with the pre-school ministry.  It was truly a moving and emotional service.  I loved the music, the story of the birth of Jesus and the recognition of those who are working so hard to make our community and our world a more peaceful place.  Isn't that the real reason for the season?? Of course I had to add some photos because the church went as far to surprise one family with a much needed item... a car!! So the moral to this story is, good deeds do not go unrecognized. :) Love the life you live.

Cheryl with the ladies from her Single Mother's Group

Three teenagers receive the gift of free books for college and a laptop for school.

Come on down... its a NEW CAR!!! (she almost fainted...)

Fighting cancer herself, she is recognized with helping others who are facing terminal illness. 
She is gifted tuition to finish her ministry studies. 

After all of this, the singing of Silent Night and How Great Thou Art.... I required a tissue.  I hate crying in public, I get a very red nose and look remotely ridiculous.  But, I felt pretty safe getting teared up this week.  There were about 1000 other women around me in the same boat!

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