Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Party Time

Ok, I love Christmas for all of the obvious reasons.  I love to decorate, buy gifts, send and receive Christmas Cards (which I royally screwed up on this year... save that for another post), and awesome services and music at church.  So, last night marked my first holiday party of the year.  My friends Katie and Aric host the "Annual Christmas Party" at their house every year.  They love to have a reason for people to get together and the holidays just seem to be the perfect time.  So, some drank, everyone talked, most enjoyed great food, listened to Christmas carols and of course had a "white elephant" gift exchange.  The gift exchange is usually one of the highlights. Last year the highlight was karaoke.  Too bad that was not an option for this year as well.

However, last year after partaking in too many cocktails, the gift exchange got out of control and people were exchanging gifts from Katie and Aric's tree.  These gifts were intended for their children, not party goers.  So, this year we were very careful to make sure they were properly distanced from each other so there would be no confusion. Some of the hot items this year were a Fushigi Ball, Fart Candle (smells absolutely awful), Jager and a festive wine glass.  Here are a few pics of the gift exchange:

Fart Candle (SICK OUT!!)

Paul wins Jager!
Can't live without the Twin Draft Gaurd!

Pirate Purse Magnet... must have.

And, I am happy to report I was home by midnight and at church this morning!! I know... its amazing.
 Be Merry!!

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  1. Very nice Sunshine....good Job...ur buddy Thomas... ;-)