Saturday, December 11, 2010

Most Favorite Christmas Music....

I love Christmas Carols.  Through all my years of choir, Pratt High Singers, Wichita State Chamber Singers, etc.. that was my favorite concert of the year.  "Oh Holy Night" has the ability to make me tear up everytime its done well.  I always hated the fact that the soprano usually had that solo and I am a tried and true alto.  No upper register here! But, I love the fun ones too. Kelli Pickler does a great version of "Santa Baby".  And of course my man of all men... the incredible Michael Buble'. I don't care what song comes out of his mouth, its all amazing.  So if you're looking for some music to put you in the holiday mood, here are my suggestions:

1. Michael Buble' - Let it Snow                                               
2. Glee Christmas Album                                                   
3. Mannheim Steamroller                                                    undefined
4. Miracle on 34th Street Soundtrack                                           
5. Celine Dion - These are Special Times                                              undefined

Whatever tunes you choose, they are sure to bring a smile to your face and spark a holiday memory!  I hope my children will continue their love for music, I look forward to all of their concerts ands plays in the future.  I am sure they will provide as much endless entertainment as Shea and I did to our parents! Here's a little video of my favorite man singing "Let it Snow"! Click the link to enjoy! :) Merry Christmas!

 Buble' Let it Snow - You Tube

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