Friday, December 10, 2010

The Power of a Prism

August 18, 2010 I woke up and was unable to see out of my right eye and was rapidly losing vision in my left.  This was due to a vitreous hemorrhage in my optic cavity.  I spent a week in the hospital receiving high dose steroids to help calm down the inflammation and allow the blood to begin to dissipate.  This trauma left me with very poor vision.  I was seeing 20/400 out of my right eye and 20/200 out of my left.  Today, through Kenalog injections and new prism lenses, I can now see 20/70 out of my right eye and 20/50 out of my left.  This is one of those little "miracles" I was discussing in my post on a few days ago. 

So, what is a prism and how does it work? A prism is a transparent surface with flat, polished edges that can be used to reflect light.  In the optometry world, doctors can use these prisms to set the corrective lenses off axis to displace images the same way you would use a prism to displace light (Shine a crystal in the sun to make a rainbow, etc..).  Prisms are  used to correct many vision problems including double vision.  Many people who have any trauma to the eye or brain can be left with weak muscles of the eye, resulting in double vision.  A prism can allow the patient to have vast improvement in daily life and most importantly their vision.

I would say that the power of a prism saved my life and my sanity.  For three months I was miserable struggling to see my surroundings clearly, read without struggle and was unable to drive.  My new lenses allow me to drive during the day and see much better than I ever thought possible. Since prisms use the science of reflecting light, my lenses only work in natural light.  Florescent lighting is a nightmare for me... really makes it difficult to see.  I am also unable to drive at night because headlights alter the effectiveness of the lens.  But, I am just thankful for what they are able to do for me!! So thank you Mr. Issac Newton for your study of light and combined particles.  Your science has made me one happy patient!


  1. It is truly awesome how everything happens in full circle. I thank God every day for all the people, friends, family and acquaintances as well as technology. :) God Bless! I will follow you!

    Love you Sarah!

  2. Sarah you will be amazed how you will overcome this obstacle even though right now it seems like
    a giant monster! Look to God each & every morning and keep that positive red head on straight and you will one day look back and stand in praise and amazement of it all.