Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Great Idea

Since my dad refers to a computer as a "machine" and requires assistance to even look up a website, I figure I am pretty safe discussing his upcoming Christmas gift without his knowledge.  So, if you are his friend and happen to be reading this - KEEP YOUR TRAP SHUT! lol

Anyways, I found myself hunting up ways to keep costs down for gifts this season (as usual) and was very stumped when it came to my dad.  He has a ton of hobbies so one would think he was easy to shop for.  However, he also has a spending habit.  Therefore, what Steve-o wants, Steve-o buys.... for himself. So it makes the holidays a little difficult.

While on a little shopping outing, Kennedy and I stumbled upon the puzzle aisle.  Her and Luke love to do puzzles.  Since I had a coupon and frames were buy one get one free I thought this would be the perfect gift that we could put together and give to Papa for Christmas.  Kennedy and I selected a Thomas Kinkaid puzzle named "Natures Paradise".  Although I did notice the box say it had one thousand pieces, I did not know they were tiny!! Needless to say, the puzzle was much too difficult for the kids to assist with.  So, here are some photos of the puzzle that has consumed the last week of my life.  To give you an idea of how annoying this project was, it took two of us four hours to flip over all of the pieces and find the edges,  But I must say it is a beautiful print.  :) 

work in progress.....

                                                             Finished Product!


  1. OMG how long did that take you????? It's really pretty though!

  2. It took about a week... it was very stressful!!