Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Card Chaos

Well I told you earlier that I would share my Christmas Card chaos, so I thought I could take care of that today.  For starters, I am usually very organized and meticulous about lists and planning.  Each year when I sit down to do my cards I make a list, double check addresses, print my pictures and envelopes, etc.  Then, after signing the cards (which Luke and Kennedy were able to assist with this year) and stuffing them one would assume I marked the names off the list. Well, long story short I did not mark off the list!!! This caused mass amounts of stress when I went to sit down and finish them a few days later.  I had already mailed the first stack.  So, I called a few good friends to ask if they had received their cards and reached out to my facebook status expressing what had happened and a few others responded that they had received their cards.  So, if you did not receive a card this year, I apologize. If you received two... well hope you enjoyed it!! Lesson learned about marking off my list. I wonder if Santa has ever forgot to mark off his list and visited the same house twice???

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