Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It will never happen to me.

Many of us hear stories and immediately say, "that would never happen to me." I have said that thousands of times in my life. Never say never seems to be the most appropriate cliche' to describe how I feel these days.  I never thought I would be a divorced, single mother.  I never thought I would live in Arkansas.  I never thought I would be diagnosed with a chronic illness.  I sure as HE** never thought I would wake up blind one day.  But, all of these things have happened in my life. 

All of us have a story of "it will never happen to me".  It may be death, illness, weight gain, divorce, etc.  But the most important part of the story is the part where you move on.  The chapters of acceptance and survival.  These are the chapters that define you.  I want to be known for how I lived and survived not for what happened to me.  No pity parties here.... unless it includes free drinks!! jk

I remember when I filed for divorce.  I had a wonderful attorney in Wichita.  He too had been divorced.  Although he did not have children I felt as if he personally understood my situation as well as my heart break.  He told me that he was giving me a gift.  The gift was a book with endless chapters and blank pages and that it was up to me to fill the pages.  That I was being given the opportunity to turn the page and start fresh.  May sound silly to some, but that statement has followed me long after the divorce.  Those words are the same words I repeated to myself when I was diagnosed with MS.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! My two least favorite words.... Multiple Sclerosis. 

Its been four months since I was diagnosed with MS.  I am now comfortable accepting that I have the disease.  I am comfortable with giving myself daily injections and subjecting myself to endless doctors appointments.  I am also at peace with the reality that I lost a majority of my vision as a result of the disease.  However, those little miracles I was talking about earlier are working for me.  My health and my sight are improving.... as well as my outlook on life.  So stayed tuned as I talk about family, life, health, music, and whatever else may come to my mind! It could be very interesting.

"I have been sustained throughout my life by three saving graces – my family, my friends, and a faith in the power of resilience and hope." Elizabeth Edwards, her last FB post 12/6/2010.

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