Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Its not just rain... its an all out FLOOD!!

Arkansas has had some very interesting weather over the past few weeks.  First, we started off with a few tornado's, terrible wind, and hail.  Then, it began raining.... and has not really stopped since last week.  Thankfully today was bright and sunny and we all received some much needed Vitamin D.  I am one of those people who is effected by gloomy days.  My mood tends to get a little gloomy too.  So, as all of us Arkansans wait for the river to crest to see what happens next, I guess I will look at all of this weather with the glass half full attitude and be thankful we are no longer in a drought??!!??

Here are some pics that are my favorite examples of Arkansas's weather devastation:

I don't think this Cavalier works as a boat....

The river runs through it.... So sad.

So, as you sit and reflect about whatever kind of day you had... just be thankful that it is not your car overtaken by water or your town washed away by the river. Love the life you live... and by all means, try not to sweat the small stuff!


  1. What town is in the second picture?