Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What do you know about Vitamin D?

There is so many important benefits of Vitamin D.  As I continue my education on factors that can cause the development of M.S., many studies show significant signs that Vitamin D is more important that we ALL may realize.   So, I thought I would share a little information with my friends!

Most people assume that the purpose of an adequate amount of Vitamin D is only related to bone health. However, Vitamin D has effects on many tissues and might worsen or even cause many medical conditions (including M.S.).  But before you run to purchase some supplements, understand that blood tests are necessary to evaluate your Vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D regulates calcium absorption which helps maintain bone health.  Recent studies have discovered that "D" effects other tissues however and has has important effects on nerve, muscle and immune cells.  Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with increased risk of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, multiple forms of cancer and infertility.

So who needs to be concerned? Well, I suggest that women ask for this simple screening at their next "yearly" physical.  Do no use supplements blindly because supplements do come with a risk.  Long-term high doses of "D" could lead to the risk of certain cancers or impaired kidney function. Allow your doctor to gauge if you need additional Vitamin D and how much.  And, this dosage may need to be adjusted as the seasons change.  Why you ask? Vitamin D is the "sunshine" vitamin.  Sun exposure allows your body to make its own Vitamin D.

People with MS should stay informed with the rapidly changing information regarding the effects of Vitamin D and how it could improve your general health.  And, due to the possibility of the preventative effect of Vitamin D on inherited risk of MS, people with MS should talk to their family members, siblings and their children about having their Vitamin D levels screened regularly.

For more information, read more online at nationalmssociety.org/magazine
"Vitamin D: Dastardly, Dandy or Debatable? by A.C. Bowling MD, PhD"

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