Friday, May 6, 2011

Mom offers a good reminder...

So I was talking to my mom on the phone while I was trying to decide about taking off work for  my children's field day.  After all, this is there 1st Field Day at their new school but I had a few obstacles before I could just make the decision.  First, my school was supposed to go skating.  What substitute in their right mind is going to take my crew skating??? Second, I had used all of my paid time off when I was on medical leave so it was going to cost me. Then my mom reminds me, "I think it is important that Luke and Kennedy know that sometimes they come before your job." AHA! Mom is right.... We always knew we came before her job.  We called 400 times a day, rode our bikes and then eventually drove our cars to her office for absolutely no reason. It never seemed to phase us that she was working but she would kick us out of the clinic when she was really busy.  So the moral of this post is that my kids come second to my 22 "other kids" enough.  They deserve to have their Mom at Field Day!

I will post pics later, they are having a "All Around the World" theme.  Each class will be presenting a production from another country.  Luke will be performing an Australian Dance.... this ought to be good.  Kennedy couldn't seem to remember what her class was performing??!!  Obviously she wasn't very interested in participating!!

Love the life you live....

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