Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Childhood Dating... Twin Humor

So everyone that knows me well knows that I am easily amused.  My students and children are aware of this as well and love to delight me with their thoughts and revelations often.  One subject that cracks me up the most about kids is their concept of "Dating".  For starters, I am a Fourth Grade teacher.  Fourth graders are always "going out" or "dating" someone.  And I always am the fun hater that cracks jokes at them about not being able to drive or pay for their dates dinner.  They think I am ridiculous.... oh well, it gives me great laughs.  So, now the fun gets to start with my own children.  Luke has amazing taste in who he chooses to go out with.  My sons current "girlfriend" is my friend Lindsay.  Lindsay has won this honor by having a job, a car and a house.  Awesome! He has his priorities in line.  Kennedy has recently parted ways with her long time boyfriend, my friend who she refers to as "Uncle Nathan" for our neighbor Amilio.  Amilio is older, wiser and has a Wii.  (Sidenote: Amilio is 7.) HAHA! So, just when I think I am safe that the real dating is only going on with the older kids who can navigate chat on the Internet and have the smarts to work a cell phone, my reality crashes.  My son reveals to me that he and his friends have "devised a plan" to break someone up. WHAT??? I was very impressed with his use of vocabulary with the word devise but was shocked about the breakup issue.  So, me being the nosey nellie I am asked for the details of this plan.  Unfortunately he said all the details had not been worked out yet.  Thank you Luke for supplying your mother with a funny story and another great laugh.

So, I have asked myself over the past week why I find all this "dating" so amusing.  Is this because I am the girl who is always single?  I think that I find the humor because not only have I experienced the happy times of relationships, I have also experienced the hurt that comes with them.  I find no reason for these kids to open themselves up for hurt feelings and broken hearts.  I wish that they could focus on the awesome gift of friendship and education and save the partner search for a much later date!! Well, I am a realist than knows this is unlike.. so I will continue to wear my counselor hat for the five or six breakups that I will referee after recess in my near future! :) 

Love the life you live....

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