Tuesday, April 12, 2011

M.S. Walk 2011 - Came, Went, Conquered!!

Well I am so pleased to announce that I have officially completed my first M.S. Walk since my diagnosis.  I look forward to participating in this event for many years to come!! First, here is a pic of me and my wonderful girls that came out to support me this year:

 The day started off with a light breakfast, a Zumba warm-up, the national anthem, and a wonderful presentation. The presentation was to recognize the top fundraiser of the event.  Over the past 12 years he has raised $250,000 for the M.S. Foundation.  I was in complete awe at this total.  I worked so hard to raise money and I barely made it to $700! Whatever way you look at it, fundraising is tough.  I admire his ability to contribute so much to the cause.

The walk was not what I had expected it to be I must say.  I think when you have participated in the Race for the Cure for several years you imagine it to be similar. This was not a 5k by any means... we may have walked close to a mile.  However, I loved that everyone affected by Multiple Sclerosis was able to participate. Whether confined to a chair, using a cane or able to walk on your own - all were able to complete the walk with ease.  I admired that about the event.

In closing, I am thankful to those who came to support me, those who donated to the cause and those who bought a team t-shirt.  I am very lucky to be surrounded by friends, family and co-workers who are here to "lift me up" those days that I need it the most.  I am a very lucky girl.

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