Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy B'day to my Mom!!

Well... its officially almost over, but still must be recognized.  Today is my Mom's 59th Birthday. I wonder if she minds that I am sharing her age?? Oh well, she'll recover.  But, that is the one thing that I love most about my mom.  She seems to be able to endure whatever we throw at her.  For instance, we have a million names for her.  Sal-Pal, Big Sal, Moomsie, Grammie, etc. Brad even calls her Fluffy sometimes and she will answer. Sally is the women that goes to the dentist for a crown and refuses to be deadened.  She lives in chronic pain but barely complains. She amazes me and these days especially, I look at her to gain the encouragement to keep moving and endure what life my hand you. 

 My Mom loves being a mother so much that she has even replaced all of her grown children with dogs.  I guess she just really misses all of our fighting so much that she traded in yelling for barking!! So on this day I salute her... for taking such good care of me all these years, being a good "Grammie" to my kids and most of all for always being here for me no matter what.  Thank you Mom... I love you.

Mom and B.B. 

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  1. Awe, that's nice!!! Happy Birthday Sally!!! And the asked how old I was tonight... I lied.. Just a little:)