Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Five Year Old's Version of the history of "Martin Luther Junior King"!!

So I think that kids are hilarious when you ask them what they learned at school.  I am fortunate to have two kindergartners that not only have fabulous teachers, but also love learning.  When they got in the car today I immediately asked them how there day was, what they had for lunch, and what they learned about.  This is sort of our everyday routine that they usually answer with one or two word responses acting annoyed that I would even be asking these sort of questions.  Today however, Luke was a wealth of information on the topic of "Martin Luther Junior King." It started out to cute for me to even begin to correct the proper saying of his name. Here is how the story went:

Luke: "Mom, today we talked about Martin Luther Junior King since yesterday was his birthday.  He was brown, and he wanted to be a minister like his dad and help out all the rest of the brown people. Did you know that people thought brown people would make us sick if we were around them?"

Me: "Well Luke, there was much more to the story than that..."

Luke: "No Mom, they couldn't drink with us, eat with us, go to school with us or even ride the bus with me."

Me: "But you don't ride the bus."

Luke: "Well if I did ride the bus they couldn't be on there. I mean... this happened way back in the 80's!!!!"

Me: "Wow, are you sure it was the 80's? I was alive in the 80's!"

Kennedy: "Luke, I thought she said the 50's."

Luke: "Well whatever she said. Anyways, I am not going to help people anymore because that's what got him shotted and I don't want to be shotted!"

So, really cute story.... but I just can't believe that out of all he learned today he has decided we shouldn't help others!! Oops! Guess I should keep that in mind the next time I am teaching my history lesson on Martin Luther King, Jr. :)
Luke and Kennedy

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  1. Luke and Kennedy better still help me! lol
    Cooper :)