Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Its been a year... WOW!

I cannot believe it has literally been a year since I posted to this blog. That is a shame really because I should have spent more time dedicating myself to educating the public about Multiple Sclerosis and the many faces it has, but I have spent this whole year doing a lot of things... one thing in particular, being HEALTHY!!!

I am not posting to brag, but to celebrate. I have said from the very beginning that this for me is a journey. My life has taken many alternate routes to the one that I think was originally planned for me but I am so grateful to be where I am today. My disease has taken a back seat. I am seeing well, with correction, I am regaining my energy more and more and I am almost completely medication free. :-) Who really could ask for more!!

Last year I took clean eating very seriously and noticed immediate dramatic improvements to my overall health. My main eye doctors, Dr. Medlock & Dr. Lane had surgically and medically done about everything they could do to clear up my vision. So after much research and discussion I decided to submit to treat my body from the inside out through diet and healthy living. One of the major components to this was that I was on a TON of meds and those had as many negative side effects as they did positive outcomes. My doctors were willing to take risks since I was. I began to basically quit meds one at a time and "see what happened".  When I lost my vision in the beginning, I was put on several meds "just in case". Since I had extremem inflammation and the chronic bleed it was assumed I would have headaches. So I took meds for that. But... I didn't have headaches after all.  It was also assumed that the steroids I had been taking for over a year were managing my inflammation. However when I quit taking them my inflammation did not and has not returned! Of course this is not and may not be the case for everyone, but it became evident that my body was not dependent upon these meds any longer for my MS to stay quiet. I have not had a flare up or relapse since January of 2012. I am also eating a pretty normal diet now and no changes other than energy levels have been effected. However, I think that is consistant with any person.

So what have I been doing? Well, I have been busy in love & life. I accepted a new job in August of 2012 and moved back to White Hall. In October I became engaged and Matt and I were married on January 19, 2013.  We blended our families and bought a new home just this past month! We are so excited to have been blessed with the opportunity to own this home and the land surrounding it. :) We are falling in love with the home more and more as we make it our own! Luke and Kennedy are so excited to begin 3rd grade next year. I am so grateful to be seeing and healthy so that I could be there to watch them receive their awards and participate in sports & the talent show. I am also thankful to not be the pirate all the time or not feeling well because I know that was so confusing for little Landon.

So thank you and thank God for all the many blessing my life has been given in health, happiness and family. I am not deserving but so grateful. I will continue to research, read and advocate for others with chronic illness. I have made so many friends along this journey and reignited friendships that had become distant. I know that right now I am a lucky one. I hope for 10 more years of this disease remaining quiet but if it doesn't at least I am better equipped now to handle the process. I have a wonderful support system, a loving husband and children & my doctors are continually looking at how to continue to maintain my vision with the least evasive procedures and minimal down time.

I hope you have all had a wonderful year as well! :) As always, I am a avid supporter of the Nancy Davis Foundation and their work. I enjoy the opportunities I have been given to guest blog with them and to witness their HUGE contributions to education & research. If you are not familiar with the organization, you can find it here: erasems.org

Love the life you live...


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