Monday, July 4, 2011

The sweet smell of.... Freedom

Well, I have been absent from blogging lately. For those of you that follow my blog, I apologize.  But, I have been working on personal projects and spending as much time as possible with my children on their short summer break!!  So, I though there was no better day than this one to share my thoughts!

Freedom is something we all take for granted.  Freedom comes in all shapes, sizes and forms.  For America, this is the day that we declare our Independence.  For some, this may be the day they celebrate their freedom from an array of many different things. For me, this is the week that I declare my Independence from my children for the next four days!! Haha!! For all you mother's out there, I know you can understand my excitement.  I will be working for the next several days so my kids will be enjoying some fun in the sun!!

Being a single mother comes with many rewards and many sacrifices.  It is important for me I have noticed to have some much needed time to "re-group" and "re-energize".  I can tell when I start to lose my patience and compassion to the twins sensitivity and needs. But, when you deal with the constant arguments and complaining for weeks you tend to perfect the art of tuning out!! So needless to say, these little breaks from my reality are much needed.  Although I am glad that I do not have to share my time with my ex-husband, I am VERY happy to share my time with my family! :)

So, what does this Freedom holiday bring to you?? I hope whatever it is... it brings you a smile to your face!! We only get one chance to do this so... Love the life you live!!  More to come soon... I have lots to tell you about from the past month!

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